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Nine years ago, I was introduced to a network marketing company. Actually, I thought I was just buying a product not joining a company. I didn’t even realize it was a network marketing company. My personal trainer recommended a vitamin that was personalized to your body. I went ahead and signed up to get on the vitamin because I trusted him.

What I didn’t know and I’m not sure he did either was he signed me up to be a representative for this company. The only way I found out is I got a phone call from somebody welcoming me to the team and the company. I was like, what? I just want a vitamin. Anyway, there were some things she said on the call that caught my attention so I agreed to sit down and meet her. That’s when I was first introduced to network marketing. I thought oh my gosh, this is the most brilliant business model.

Network marketing is taking a product or service and sharing it with other people. That’s it. You cut the middle man out. You take the money that you would normally pay for the distribution through whatever channel of marketing you might use. Whether you hire a marketing team, have a sales team, have partners, you cut that piece out. You take that money and you give it to the reps that are out in the field. What’s nice about it is you get that one on one attention.

Depending on what the product or service it is, it really gives you the opportunity to talk about the product at a deeper level for people to ask questions, to touch, feel, or taste a product. It’s not behind a shelf. Sometimes a product can have twenty of the same thing on the shelf, it gets lost. Unless you have somebody that’s advocating and championing that product you’re not even going to know about it. Or, if they spent millions of dollars doing commercials, radio spots or online digital ads. You’ll never know that product even exists.
What happens with network marketing is you now have a sales team that works for you. If you have a good training program in place you will have great ambassadors for your product out there sharing the product.

When a network marketing company does it right it’s a beautiful thing. Some of the best products that I have used I have learned about through network marketing. I would have never even known they existed except for I trusted a friend or a colleague or somebody that shared it with me or I liked the idea when I heard it so I was open enough to listen to it.

Network marketing gives people an opportunity to create another stream of income. Maybe it’s just a few hundred dollars a month that you’re looking for. Maybe it’s a few thousand. Maybe it’s a few hundred thousand. Whatever it is, network marketing gives people an opportunity. It gives people that maybe didn’t go to college, are unable to get a higher paying job have more. It gives them the opportunity to, if they’re willing to work hard, the sky’s the limit on what they can make. It doesn’t cap you. There are no perimeters around it for who can do it, how much you can make or what you can do. It gives you an opportunity to have your own business with a very low overhead as well as get started cost.

Most franchises are at least $100,000.00 plus. I’ve heard stories of people not making their money back even in the first five years. Network marketing, for the most part, you’re looking at somewhere between three and five hundred dollars to get started. That gives you everything you need. They provide you training that you can go to. Network marketing is smart business model. Let’s not even mention your tax write offs when you have your own business.

There are so many good things about network marketing. If you’re looking at it just make sure you research the company and leadership. I did another video that just talked a little bit more about the things you want to look at within your network marketing company so you may want to check that out before you decide to join a company. I think network marketing is one of the smartest business models ever. It allows you freedom of your time. It gives you some financial freedom. You’re able to create residual income.

Would love to hear your experiences. Or any questions you may have. Don’t forget to download my free guide to “Top Ten” time saving tips.

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