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I have been blogging off and on for about 8 years. When I say, I’ve been blogging what I really mean is I have been playing around with it. I hate to write so it’s always a struggle and I never stuck with it. There was so much to know, and I would get so confused I would give up. The more and more I learned how important a blog was for your business and how much it could add, I realized I’ve really got to figure out this blogging thing and get serious.

There are three key things that are most important when you’re blogging. First is your consistency, and it’s probably the hardest. You must ensure that you’re consistent with your blogging. Whether you’re going to post a blog once a week, once a month, or you decide you want to do a 30-day run and blog every single day. It must be consistent. Not only does it have to be consistent, it needs to be on the same day each week or month. People need to know when to expect it.

If you’re going to blog on Monday then every Monday a new blog needs to get released. Otherwise, people are going to come back looking for your blog and won’t find anything. If that happens too many times, they’re not going to come back anymore.

The second thing is valuable content, and this one is interesting because people are really scared to give away what they deem as their most valuable content. They feel like “Why am I giving this away free, maybe I should be selling this.” It’s quite the opposite. You need to share your most valuable content, be the thought leader. Give them something that they can take action. Good content is important, don’t just put a bunch of fluff out there. Ultimately nobody is going to come back if you don’t give them something that helps them in their business.

The last thing is SEO optimization. This is probably one of the scary ones, and everyone throws around the buzzword of SEO and what exactly is SEO? SEO is search engine optimization which means you include keywords in your copy so that when people search Google they find you. For example, you type in Black and Blue Purse into Google and your search results will show black and blue purses. That is keyword optimization. Anybody who sells the black and blue purse, they’re going to use that keyword in their writing and in the backend of their site. That way when somebody types into Google those words, they come up in the search. Now, it’s not as simple as that. In a future episode I will go into the details on how to SEO your blog.

To wrap up, the top three things for your blog are consistency, making sure that you pick a day, time and how many times a week, day, month you’re going to post. Be consistent with it. Give away your best ideas. Share with people the most important content you have. The biggest things that you can teach people. That’s what you want to share for free. Then lastly is the SEO optimization and making sure that you’re optimizing for that.

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