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4 Prospecting Techniques To Ensure An Endless List

Cold Market Prospecting

If you’ve been in Network Marketing for a little while or you just joined, I’m sure at some point, somebody has said to you, “You need to go do cold market prospecting.” And if you were like me, the idea of going out and talking to strangers is terrifying. If you can relate to that, read on because we’re going to talk a little more about some ways in which you can bridge that gap just a little bit easier.

I cringed at the idea of cold market prospecting when I first got started in network marketing. I am very much an introvert. I like to have a few friends around me that I’m comfortable with. The idea of having to randomly talk to stranger terrifies me, so going to a networking event or just talking to some stranger in the grocery store, that just wasn’t my thing. But I knew I needed to start adding to my list every day, which meant I was going to have to get uncomfortable and go out and talk to people.

What Do I Say?

I didn’t know what kind of conversations to have. You’ve got to come up with things to talk about and ask questions and that was uncomfortable to me. Until somebody told me something so simple, and it has helped so much that I wanted to share it with you guys, and it’s called FORM: family, occupation, recreation, and money.

FORM Is The Answer

You start by asking questions about their FAMILY. Do you have kids? Have you lived in this area for a long time? What do your kids like to do? Are you married? Again, anything that to do with their family. This allows you to get to know more about them. Once you understand them better you can figure out if your product or business will help them.

Next is OCCUPATION. What do you do for a living? Once you find out what they do, oh, how do you like it? How long have you been doing it? What’s your next career step that you’re going to take? And just start asking things about their occupation. What you’re listening for as you’re asking these questions, can my opportunity any problems they share. If somebody is talking about family, and they say, “Oh I just don’t have enough time with my kids. I’m missing their soccer games. I’m not being able to go to school things.” You could, back in your mind think, my opportunity could give them time back time in their life

Then you come to RECREATION. For me personally, I’m in a travel business, so I’m always listening to see, do people like to travel? Whether it’s a weekend away or a European vacation. What do they like to do for recreation, and do you see a pain point your company can solve for them? They like to travel, but they don’t have the money to travel. Maybe they want a camper, but they can’t afford it. You might hear, like myself, I love to ski, but because I haven’t been taking really good care of my body, my knees are trashed. Finding a good health and wellness product would be a good solution for this problem.

So, you’re just looking with your opportunity, what pain point can you solve with your company? Look for true, honest things. Not everybody is going to be a prospect for you. That was something I had to learn. I was thinking this was going to be for everyone but have realized it’s not.

Lastly is MONEY. How are they doing financially. One thing I have learned is when you start asking people questions, and you genuinely care about them, they will open up and tell you everything. Even when it comes to their finances.

Once you identify where the pain point is, then you turn it and show them how you can solve their problem with the product/opportunity. Let’s just say it is health and wellness, and they say something about their knees. You could say something like, “You know, that’s got to really suck for your knees to be like that. If I could share with you a product that I think could really help you, would you be interested?”

FORM: Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money

To recap, it’s FORM, F-O-R-M, family, occupation, recreation, and money. Take your time and listen to people. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to listen. I have had to learn to just sit and listen to the answers that people give, and just ask a question and let them talk, and you’ll be amazed how much people will spill to you. Get comfortable with the idea of sitting back. It’s okay.
I hope this was helpful for you. I know when I learned it, it changed everything for me as far as going out and cold market prospecting and being able to talk to people, and I hope it has the same effect for you.

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Thanks so much for your time, and I hope this was worth it and you learned something today.  Again, I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Thanks so much.



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