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Best Network Marketing Companies to Join

Have you ever thought about joining a network marketing company, but you just have no one idea which one to join? There’s so many different companies out there. How do I know which ones best for me?

There are a few things you want to review before choosing.

Strong Corporate Team

First, you want a strong Corporate team with vision. You want to make they know what they’re doing. They have background and they have experience to run a company. My first experience with a network marketing company, I did not do that. And the corporate team specifically the founders had no idea what they’re doing. They had success in another network marketing company but they did not have what it took to run a company, nor did they surround themselves with the right people. They were taking advice from the wrong people, which ultimately caused the company to go bankrupt.



So, I learned that lesson the hard word.

Make sure that your company has strong corporate leadership, they surround themselves with solid leaders, and they have a roadmap, a vision for where they’re going. And not just for the next 6 months, they should have a long term plan

Strong Field Leadership

Second is strong field leadership. One of the other things I see happen a lot in this industry is leaders moving from one company to another. I think when you see that there’s are leaders sticking around with one company for a while, that’s a really good sign that good things are going on and they have faith and they have trust in the company.

The company I’m with right now is a perfect example, we just had a huge event that I went to a few weeks back and the thing that struck me the most was the trust, respect and the admiration that the leadership had for our founder. It was incredible and it gave me so much faith and belief in our company.

It’s important that your leaders been around for a while? They’re not just jumping from one company to another.

Product or service that you love.

It’s hard to sell something you’re not passionate. I’ve been in marketing for 30 years now, and I find it way easier to create marketing campaigns for a product that excites me. It’s much more difficult when it’s something you really are not into.

I’m in travel, that’s my passion. I love to travel, so it’s really easy for me to talk about travel every day, all day, 24/ 7.

Make sure, whatever it is you get into, that you have interest, because it doesn’t matter how fast the company’s growing, how great it’s doing you won’t succeed if you’re not excited about the product. You’re not going to talk about it and want to share with others.

Growth Opportunity

Every company has been around for a different amount of time. If you’re getting in a company that’s been in business for 30 years, the growth may not be as big as one that’s been around for 5 years. You really want to make sure that there is some growth, that the market isn’t completely saturated. Are we doing something different than everybody else? Is there growth opportunity for us in the marketplace?

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