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How To Invite With Purpose In Network Marketing

Does the idea of picking up a phone and calling someone about your business scare you to death? Does it make you want to just run? Does your phone feel like it suddenly became a hundred pounds? If it does, read on because today is all about how to invite with purpose.

Internal Voice

I know for me, that phone weighed about a thousand pounds. I’d go to pick it up to start making calls and immediately that internal voice would start talking. Oh my gosh, what if they say this. Oh my goodness, what if they do that. And I would freak myself out so badly that I would turn around and put the phone down. I just couldn’t do it.

Invite With Purpose

And then I heard someone talk about Inviting with Purpose. And I had never really thought about it that way. Just imagine, what if that phone call you make saves that person’s life? We never know what’s going on in people’s life. I heard a story of someone who was literally ready to take their life. And somebody reached out to them about their opportunity and it has completely changed his life. What if that were you?

What if you were about to lose your home? And you were on your hands and knees praying for something different? And your friend or your business acquaintance or whoever, soccer coach, didn’t call you because they were too scared?

Pick Up The Phone

That’s what we do if we don’t pick up the phone and call people. It’s not about us. Inviting isn’t about us. It isn’t about us getting a new person into our business or signing up a new person onto our product or our service. It’s about giving them a gift. You just don’t know what people are going through. And there are people every day that are praying that there must be something better, there must be something different.

Chicken List

I know for me, that was the case. I knew there had to be something more in life. I am so grateful and thankful that someone had the guts to call me. I might have been on their chicken list because on the outside, everything looked great. I was making a good living, big house, boats, doing all kinds of stuff. But on the inside, it wasn’t quite the same story. And you just don’t know what people are going through.

I just want to urge you no matter how scared you are to pick up that phone. Remember that at the other end, you could be saving somebody’s life. And what’s the worst thing they’re going to say? No? So what. Are you going to die from a no? You’re not going to die from a no so don’t worry about it.

I hope this video helps you with picking up the phone. I hope when you do it, you start to think about who’s at the other end of the phone and what this call could do for them.

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Question: What’s the biggest thing in your business that scares you?Sandy Sinden


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