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Network Marketing: 4 Steps To Inviting

Do you ever get really nervous when you’re trying to invite a prospect to hear your opportunity?

There are four easy steps that will help you every time you go to pick up that phone or you’re talking to someone.  You have these in the back of your mind to help you.

I know for most people picking up the phone and inviting people to hear your opportunity is a scary thing. But without inviting, you have no business in network marketing.

It’s the number one skill that you have to master. I’m confident that these four tips will just give you some guidelines and boundaries. You have to make it your own and there’s always going to be things that you adjust, but these will give you a boundary to work with.



Step 1:  Be in a hurry

When you pick up the phone and you call someone, the first thing you want to say is, “Hey Sandy, how are you?  I’m in a bit of a hurry, but I wanted to catch up with you.”

I know that sounds really crazy and rude. But the reason you want to be in a hurry is so that people don’t start asking you a bunch of questions.

Because as we know, people want to know everything and usually your business is something that you really have to show them the whole picture. It’s not easy to try to explain it over a phone.

I know some people are like, “Well, that feels weird. I don’t want to lie and say I’m in a hurry.” You know what? Be in a hurry. Do it right before you’re ready to step out the door.

But the reason for it, is so that people won’t stop you and start asking a bunch of questions.

Step 2: Clear the date

Then you’re going to clear the date. Have a date in mind that you want to book. Whether you’re inviting them to come to an event that you have or a party at your own house, whatever it is, have a date in mind that you want to invite them to.

What you’re going to do is clear the date. “Hey, Sandy, are you available on Tuesday at 7:00 PM?” Awesome. I’ll see you on Tuesday.

If they say, “No”, then you’re going to say okay no problem let’s catch up another time.  Don’t start trying to find a date they can make it.

You really want to focus on having a date that you’re getting your person to. Because the idea is to get through your list and get people to see your information. If you have a date you want to fill tomorrow at 7:00, call until you fill someone for that day/time.

Step 3: Be Sincere

Be sincere. When you tell them:

  • I have got something you have got to see.
  • I’ve got something I am so excited about that I need to run by you.
  • I’ve got something that I really need your opinion on and I need you to take a look at it.

Be real, be you. Whatever the reason is that you want this particular person to see your opportunity, that’s what you need to say so it’s real for you. Make sure you have a reason in your head as to why you’re calling that specific person.

If this somebody you don’t even like, you shouldn’t even be calling them. I know we say, “Put everybody down on a piece of paper and call them”, put everybody that you’d actually want in your business on a piece of paper and call them. Then being sincere is not a problem.

Step 4: Confirm the date

Confirm the date. Make sure at the end of the call you reconfirm the day/time with them. Sandy, I’ve got you set for Tuesday at 7:00 PM. I’ve cleared my calendar, so that we can spend that time together. Is that going to be good for you?

I just want to confirm that we’re good. I value your time just like I know you value mine. Tuesday at 7:00.

The worst thing I hear is so many people saying they get stood up and people don’t show up on the call or they don’t go where they’re supposed to meet them or whatever it may be. Make sure you confirm the date with the person.

You’re always going to want to confirm the day of your appointment.

The other thing is I wouldn’t invite people weeks out. I would invite them within 24, 48, maybe maximum 72 hours from the date that you actually want to meet, because people get so busy.

I hope these tips help you. To review them:

  •  It’s be in a hurry
  • Clear the date
  • Be sincere
  • Confirm the date again

If this training was helpful for you, please share it with your team.

Go ahead and post any comments you have or any tips that you have found that have worked really well for you.

This is our tribe we’re building together and I just want to add value to your life in any way I can.

Also, I put together a free resource guide that helps you take your business online and gives you some basic actionable tips on what it takes to build a brand and a business online, so that you create a whole other funnel of leads.

You can download it right here.

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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