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Network Marketing: How To Recruit Using Facebook

Have you been trying to figure out, how to use all your Facebook connections to build your business, but you don’t want to piss everybody off, and you don’t want to be that annoying friend?
Facebook is huge, there are over a billion people FaceNetwobook. I’m sure you have a huge list and want to learn how to leverage it. I know I have thousands now that I’m connected to personally.

But you don’t want to be one of those annoying friends that every other word is “Join my business.” That’s not how we get people to join our business, all we become is a very annoying person that nobody wants to connect with or follow.

I’m going to teach you a few easy steps today that you can put into action.

Build Your Brand       

First is to build your brand and add value to your friends. I know for the most part we put personal stuff about our kids, our dogs, what we’re doing, and our family. That’s all awesome, and that’s what people expect to see.

But think of how you can add value to your friend’s life. Is there something that you’re good at that you could teach others, something that your friends come to you and are always asking you?
I know for me it’s being a mom. A lot of my friends have kids of different ages than mine so they’ll ask me questions about things they may be going through since my kids are older
I try to add value by putting information out there about raising children. Maybe a personal experience or an article I read.

Think about your gift, passion or knowledge. If you’re big into dogs and you know a lot about dogs than share that information. When you find some good product for your dog, or some training tip, or any of that type of stuff. Brand yourself as the doge expert and add value to your friends.

Be a little different than everybody else. Your friends will come to your page for dog advice.



Build Your Relationships    

Second is build those relationships. Facebook is all about relationships. It is not about going out there and trying to sell, it was built on the foundation of building relationships.
Treat it like you’re at a barbecue. You would never just try to sell people. You wouldn’t walk up to somebody at a barbecue and say, “Hey, you want to buy my widget?”

No, you first get to know a bit about them. You have a conversation and ask them questions to see if there’s even a connection for your opportunity, or your product or service.
I just did that the other day, I connected with somebody that was in Singapore because I’m trying to expand my business internationally. Before I ever mentioned anything about my company, I started to get to know a little bit about her, and we connected on a more personal level.

We realized we’re both Disney fanatics. But then as we talked, I asked her some more questions and knew my product was a perfect fit for her. You really need to make sure you build a relationship.

Always Be Building Your Network    

Continue growing out your network. Every time you go onto Facebook, add a couple new people, but be strategic about it. You don’t just add any random person. Have some purpose behind why you’re adding someone.

Maybe they’re a friend of a friend, maybe you guys have something in common, or maybe like me you’re trying to expand into a new market so you’re looking to do that.

Join groups that are interesting to you. If you’re a dog lover, go look for dog groups. I happen to love to travel and I happen to be in a travel business, so I look at travel groups.
It’s great, because you start to have good conversations, plus you learn lots of cool things, but you can add value to it because it’s something that you genuinely care about.

Don’t Sell On Facebook      

Lastly, don’t try to sell your friends on your posts. Do not be that person that says, “Hey I’ve got three spots to work with people” or “Hey you can get this special deal if you do it now.” People do not want to be sold to on Facebook.

It is about connecting with people and being relevant to what’s going on in Facebook at the time. You’ll notice ads served to you are normally relevant to what you’ve been searching or what you’re looking at, because it’s targeted. Same thing, when you’re out there, start the conversation and build the relationship. Take the selling offline.

I hope you got a few tips that you can use to get your working for you and your business.

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I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Thanks so much for joining me today.

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