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Network Marketing Tips: How to Recruit More People In Your Business

One of the biggest challenges you will have when you get into Network Marketing is how to recruit people into your business. One of the biggest challenges you will have when you get into Network Marketing is how to recruit people into your business. I’m going to share with you how you can recruit more people into your business. How do I recruit more people into my business?  There are some simple steps you can do to really help you in recruiting more people into your business.

Step 1

You must multiple streams of people that go into your sales funnel. What a sales funnel?  It’s a list of people you have that are in various stages.

  • Some you may have presented to and you need to do a follow up
  • Some you may present to, they say no, and you’re going to follow up in six months
  • Some you may want to invite to a big event for a second viewing



Where do I get those names to put in my stream?

  1. You need to have those names coming from multiple places. You will have your list of friends and family. That’s normally where you start.
  2. You’re go to your social media and download all of that onto a piece of paper, everybody that you have in your social media.
  3. You want to meet new people every day. Every day, you should be adding two new names to your list. So, get out and talk to people. It isn’t about trying to sell them right away.
    It’s just kind of doing a little bit of forming. If you look on one of my previous training, you’ll see one on forming and it’s how to talk to people, how to prospect people. That will really help you with adding two new people to your list each day.
  4. Go to networking events. Don’t go to just business events, but go to things that interest you. If you are a dog person like me go to dog events. I belong to a dog hiking one where we do hikes and you can bring your dog. The reason I go is to meet other like minded people.

It’s just about meeting new people and then starting to have those conversations. Once you have those conversations, you can see whether they’re a match or not for your business. Those are just a few ideas.

Step 2

You must have urgency. When you’re talking to somebody, I think this is probably one of the biggest mistakes I see, is there’s no urgency. You can’t be casual about it. This is your business and you’re trying to build it. If you had a brick and mortar where you had a mortgage of $10,000 a month, you’d be doing everything you could to get people into that store. Well, it’s the same idea with this.

There’s urgency to it. I know with my company, we’re going through some ridiculous growth and we’ve got some cool stuff happening, so the sense of urgency is huge.

Make sure when you’re talking to people, they feel that there’s a sense of urgency. You’re not just casual about your business, but it’s important and it’s really important for them to get started.

Step 3

Belief. You must believe in your company. You must believe in your product or service. You must believe in your leadership. You must believe in the industry.

I know for people when they’re first getting into network marketing, it’s a little hard. You’re uncomfortable. It’s not the norm, it’s a little out of the box, so people judge that. I know some of my closest friends judged me.

I got people saying, “Well, I hope it works for you.” Really? How about you have faith in trusting me and know that it’s going to work for me? You must have belief in what you’re doing.

If you don’t, it’s going to show through because this is all a people business. It’s all about people following you. It’s not as much about the product or the service, it’s about you. Do they want to partner with you? Do they trust you?

Step 4

It’s about your posture. Posture is a huge and with that comes with confidence. Again, I think it also wraps into the belief. If you have belief and confidence in what you’re doing, it’s easy to posture up and really take stand with somebody.

I had a recent situation with a brand-new rep that joined my company. He stood up in front of a room with his friends and just took total ownership. I was so proud because you could tell he believed his business.  He literally had signed up two days prior and already had that kind of posture.

I see people that in it for months and still are like, “Yeah. Well, I’m kind of doing this thing. You must own it. I am doing network marketing and I have the best business possible. I think this is the greatest business model I’ve ever see. Super easy for me to posture up.

I hope these tips will help you.

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