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Network Marketing: Top 3 Things You Must Believe To Be Successful

Belief. You ever really thought about what that means and how that applies to your life? Whether it’s belief in something you’re doing, in a family member, or your children.

Today, we’re going to talk about three things that you absolutely must believe in to be successful in network marketing.

I don’t think I really had belief that I could turn my business into something big. I just looked at it as, “I’ll make a little extra money. This will just be a little side thing.” I never really believed that it was possible for me to have something that could be more than that. So, as a result, I wasn’t getting it.

Belief In The Industry

The first thing, you must have belief in the industry. Believe in the network marketing industry and what it can do for you. There have been more women millionaires made in the network marketing industry, than any other industry. What’s not to believe?

Do your research about the industry, see how big it is. It is responsible for billions of dollars of sales, so it is a very viable industry. But for you to have your belief, you’re either going to need to get to some training events, do your research, read up on the industry, but make sure that you have belief in this amazing industry.

I know I had never heard of it, and when I learned about network marketing, I thought, “God, I wish somebody had told me about this years ago. It makes so much sense to me.”



Belief In Your Company

The next thing you’re going to want to believe in is your company. It’s important to join a company that you believe in what they’re doing and in the leadership. You believe in the executive team. You believe in your product. You believe in your comp plan. You must believe in everything there is about your company.

If you’re going to put your name and your reputation on it, you need to make sure that you really believe in what they’re doing. Because people can see through you, you know?
I get told all the time how much passion I have about my company, and that’s because I believe in it. But I did my homework on the company as well, and I use my product all the time.

Belief In Yourself

The last thing and probably the very most important thing, and I know for us women it’s something that tends to be hard for us, and that is belief in yourself. We believe we can be a good mom. We believe we can be a good wife. There’s certain things we believe in, but believing that it’s possible for us to build a different type of lifestyle, to have our own business, to be the CEO of our life, to not be dependent on a job or a husband or anything, but that we — we — can do this. I know, for me, that was something I had to work hard at, believing that it was possible that I, too, could have what I wanted.

Whether that is a six or seven figure income, a couple hundred extra dollars a month, whatever it is, believing that it’s possible for you.


It’s belief in the industry, belief in your company, and belief in yourself.

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