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Network Marketing: Top Recruiting Strategy

Have you ever noticed in life how you go talk to one friend and you say something, and then you say that same thing to another friend but they react totally different and you think, what the heck?

Well that’s obviously because they have different personalities and how they receive information is totally different. And what I’ve learned and what I want to share with you is how important it is to understand those different personality types and how it can help you with your network marketing business.

How The Colors Impact Parenting

We’re going to discuss personality types and how that affects your business. I didn’t realize just how differently people receive information. I really learned this with my boys. My older son is very different than my younger one. I was talking to them both the same way. I soon realized that they took the information I said differently. And that’s because my oldest son is a strong blue and my youngest is a strong yellow.

How The Colors Impact Your Business

What I learned is the same thing translates over to your business. We’re going to discuss the four different personality types at a high level. There’s lots of different tests, like the Myers Brigg where you can start to understand more about yourself and then you’ll start to understand a lot more detail about different personalities. But this is to give you something top line to think about when you’re out talking to people

Four Personality Colors

I’m going to go review the four colors. Each color has very distinctive personality traits. The four colors are Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.



Red is that natural leader. That person that takes charge, they know what they want, they’re very aggressive, they’re usually the one that’s climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. They’ll do whatever they need to, they tend to be very showy, they’re the ones that are going to have the fancy watches and fancy clothes. You’ll always know who the leader is, they stand out of the pack.


Yellow is your unicorn and butterflies. Everything’s good. I’m actually yellow, and very tender hearted, I want the world to be happy, I want to please everybody. I like to do a lot of give back. So your yellows are going to be that tender hearted. Reds and yellows can be a very interesting combination. If you’re engaging with a yellow and you’re a red, and you try to talk to a yellow in your red, aggressive, cut throat behavior, you’re going scare the heck out of a yellow.


Blue is my oldest son. Social, impulsive, have fun, center of the party. They’re always the social coordinator and is putting together the party. They’re in the center of the know and they like to have fun. They do things and don’t think about the consequences of them. They’re very instant gratification, but they’re also the life of the party. They’re the ones that when you have a party you want them there because they’re going be creating all the fun.


Your green is the analytical. The live by spreadsheets and numbers. Got to know all the facts and have all the details. They want to know everything. They want to know the comp plan, they want to know the competition, they want to see all the documentation. So a green is very different.

The four colors are red, yellow, blue and green.

Network Marketing Personality Colors


Red is aggressive, bossy leader, take charge, showy.

Yellow is butterflies and unicorns, very emotional, you have to be careful how you speak to them, they’re much more driven by give back.

Blue is your party animals they let everyone know it. They’ll be the one screaming and yelling having a great time.

Green is your analytical person and needs all the facts.

I hope these four personality types help you. If you use them in your business it will help you have much better and productive conversations.

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