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Top 5 Money Making Activities In Network Marketing

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever felt like you were working on your network marketing business but getting nowhere. You’re spending making to do lists, rearranging your office, getting the perfect pen, doing all these things that you think, or you probably know, are not real money-making activities. But you’re too scared, or you’re not sure what those money-making activities might be?

I’m going to share with you the five things that are going to make you money and that you should spend your time on. These are the activities that you should be spending 80 percent of your time, not all the other stuff that you might be doing, these five things.

1) Create A List

First thing you must do is create a names/prospect list. They say your network is your net worth, and that is so true in network marketing. It’s all about your list of people that you know. One of the things that I’ve learned is every day you should be adding to that list. Try to add at least two new people a day. They can be from meeting people out randomly. It can be from going to networking events. It can be from being on social media — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever your favorite platform— but always be adding two people daily to your list.

2) Invite & Set Appointments

Second is going to be about inviting and setting appointments. I know inviting can be tough, that phone can get heavy. But you want to make sure that you’re out there inviting and setting appointments.



3) Share Your Opportunity

Third is exposing and sharing. Once you go ahead and invite them, you’re going to share. I know, with our company, we can do that in a multiple of ways. Sometimes people get so stuck on, “Oh, God, got to say it the perfect way. It’s got to be just right.” No, just share the information, whether it is a napkin presentation or brochure, a video, a presentation, just share the information.

4) 3-Way Calls

Fourth is three-way calls. This was an area I was not good at. I didn’t think I needed it. I figured I knew what I was doing, but it isn’t about me. It’s about your friends and family. If you’re known as the social party girl, they’re probably not going to listen to you, in terms of a business. If you happen to be a very strong business person, they’re going to be like, “Well, I can’t do what he does.” So, you want to make sure is that you get a three-way call and get your upline, your sideline, your downline, it doesn’t matter, get somebody else in there that can validate what it is you’re doing.

5) Promote Events

Lastly, it is to promote events. I know, for me, that is what has kept me in the game, is going to every single training event, every big national event, all our travel-type parties, all of that type of stuff. So important to promote events, from one event to the next, you’re going to be promoting.


So, again, the five things that you want to do is: 1) Create a list. 2) Set appointments. 3) Share — Expose the information. 4) Three-ways calls. Lastly, but most importantly, is 5) Promote. Promote. Promote.

I hope this information was of value to you. If it is, I have created a resource guide for you that is going to help you understand how to build your business online. It is Network Marketers Essential Guide to Making the Internet Work for You: Four Easy Steps to Recruiting, Building a Team, and Prospecting Online, Instead of Hounding Your Friends and Family. I know, for me, I like building this online as well. So, hopefully, you’ll get more value. You can click right here to download the guide.

If you enjoyed this information, please share with your team, your friends, anybody you want. I’d also love to hear from you. If you have ideas or thoughts or experiences that you’ve had, please share with us. What I’m trying to do here is build a nice tribe, that we can help each other and encourage and build each other, no matter what business we’re in.  So, please go ahead and comment below, and I look forward to meeting you on the inside. Thanks for your time.

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