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What is Entrepreneurship?

In this episode, I’m going to outline what is Entrepreneurship.

Have you ever wondered exactly what it means to be an entrepreneur, or you thought you knew and found out you were wrong.

I thought most people had an understanding of an entrepreneur, but recently heard someone describe an entrepreneur as someone who owns a brick and mortar business. They didn’t see other businesses as an entrepreneur too.

I thought, let me do a quick blog, and talk about what is an entrepreneur.

I think sometimes people assume you have to be a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett to be an entrepreneur, and that’s not the case. You can be an entrepreneur at any level.

An entrepreneur just simply means that you have your own business that you’ve created.

  • It can be small, it can be large, it could be anything in between.
  • It can be any type of business
  • You could have a brick and mortar business, with a physical building and physical products,
  • You are selling products online
  • You are selling services, like coaching, or whether you’re maybe a consultant.

what is entrepreneurship

I did consulting for over 10 years for corporate, but I was an entrepreneur, because I ran my own business as a consultant.

An entrepreneur is really just you having your own business and calling the shots.  Just think of anything that you’re not getting a W-2.

If your kids are out selling lemonade at a stand, they are an entrepreneur.


It doesn’t have to be this big, huge company that you’re running to be an entrepreneur, it can be anything.

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Thanks again for joining me today, and I hope this was helpful.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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