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Why I Chose CoSchedule

I found CoSchedule after having used many other platforms. I could never find the one tool that did it all until CoSchedule. It is one of the most powerful platforms I’ve ever seen and I know there’s so much more it’s capable of than what I’m currently using. But I do plan on learning more and fully utilizing it’s power. It has already saved me so much time and enhanced my marketing. As a travelpreneur this is critically important to me.

The Tool

Coschedule is a social media scheduling platform, marketing calendar, editorial publisher and so much more. It allows you to organize all your marketing efforts into one place. The calendar allows you to put all your marketing campaigns there so at a glance you can see everything you’ve got running.

You can also import information from other sources like Evernote. It’s great because they also have an app so you have it with you at all times.


CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.




From the calendar you can actually put your blog into it and when you’re ready publish it to WordPress. There’s an editor that you can use to write it all out. They also have a plugin that connects CoSchedule to your blog. This way you can schedule your social posts right inside of WordPress.

This is a powerful tool and has saved me a ridiculous amount of time. It’s really cool to be able to see your calendar right inside of WordPress. And once you schedule your post and set it up on CoSchedule it will automatically populate the calendar. This step alone has allowed me to put my blog post out on my social network faster and to more places. You get it done right at the same time as you’ve created your blog.

Social Template

They have a tool inside of the program called social templates. This is probably the one thing that excited me the most. The way it works is you can create a social template for your blog or any other activity. So if you know that when you write a blog you want to share it on certain social networks and you want to do it xx amount of times your able to set up a template for that to be automated. And you can use the template each time you publish a blog.

It allows allows you to decide what pieces of information you would like to change within your social posts. If I know I want to post on Facebook 5 times over the next month I can create 5 different titles to go out on each post. With the template it allows me to write those titles write instead of the template and it does the rest of the work.

You can connect most of your social media platforms. I use Facebook, Facebook page and Facebook group, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Most other platforms to do allow Instagram. What they’ve done is create a way that they will notify you through the CoSchedule app when your Instagram is ready to post and you just have to approve it right in their app. This has been huge for me personally.


This is a part of their platform that allows you to recycle your content. For me I do motivational quotes every Monday. After several months of putting out quotes I have quite a library that I could just recycle them randomly to post. With this part of the platform it allows me to do so. Now I have additional power to be able to set it and let it to it’s job. This saves me so much time of not having to do it every week. I could also just fill it up with a bunch of posts and I never have to worry as it will just go out each time I schedule it.


You can also set up the schedule to go out as you want. I gives you date options to go out immediately or every few days, weeks or months. It also give you an option to let them pick the best time to post. They take all the data and determine when you will get the most likes or shares on your content.


They offer so much amazing training on both CoSchedule but also on blogging, social media, marketing etc… It’s like having your own university inside of the system. I go to them first if I want to know how often should I post, what size pictures should I use or any other marketing question I have. They also provide templates you can use to create a editorial content strategy, social media strategy and so much more.

Customer Service

They have one of the best support teams I’ve seen. Anytime I have a questions I shoot to them and I”ll have an answer within 24 hours. If it’s something detailed they’ll do a screencast to walk me through it. If I don’t understand they’re very patient and will explain it in more detail. They definitely took having good support serious. And I’m very thankful because I use it all the time.

I highly recommend CoSchedule and have been very happy using it. If you’re using it now share your favorite feature. Look forward to hearing and learning more.


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