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If you’re on this page because you want to look to partner with me in my network marketing company and you want to become your own independent entrepreneur, then you’ve landed in the right spot.

Being in the Industry since 2008 has exposed me to many different opportunities, products, compensation plans, and programs, but quite frankly, there are specific reasons that I chose the company I’m with and here’s why. This company provides:

  • Great management and leadership with vision and a roadmap to get there
  • A top notch training program
  • Leverage and a system that duplicates
  • A stable environment that has lasted the test of time (no risky start-ups)
  • Great leadership that builds with a combination of online and offline marketing strategies
  • A Product that can easily be promoted online (lotions, potions, and vitamins are ‘try before you buy’ products and are a little difficult to market online with speed of duplication)
  • A product I would buy even if there was no comp plan
  • A product that has mass market appeal and everyone wants
  • A product that aligns with my personal brand

I have no idea if any of those items that were important to me are important to you, but when you’re looking to partner with a company it’s critical to make sure that the model fits YOU.

As cool as it would be to work together, I want to make sure that it’s a good fit for both of us. I want you to think about this as you dive into the information about joining my team.

Our team is very driven and has years of experience in the industry as well as in Business. We’re motivated by an unbridled PASSION to materialize our dreams of true time freedom and financial wealth with a desire to make a POSITIVE difference in others’ Lives. We love to have fun and travel the world together.

For more information on working with me, click the “Apply to Learn More!” button below

The first network marketing team I joined was a health and wellness company and I joined because my personal trainer invited me to try the product. I thought I had just bought a product but later learned he accidentally signed me in for the business too. So in a sense, network marketing found ME.

I did very well with this company and hit the top ranks in 4 months and broke company records. Things were going great, but sadly the management was not running the company like it should and it eventually went bankrupt. Fortunately, I got out before that happened.

After being in the industry for a couple more years, I understood more about the profession and I went on a journey to find something that matched ME. I knew now what to look for and the questions to ask. If you’re looking to do something new or venture into working from home for the very first time. I encourage you find something that you’re extremely passionate about.

Because I found something that I’m extremely passionate about, I’ve gone on to create outstanding success in my company.

As awesome as it would be to work together, I want to make sure that it’s a good fit for the both of us. I want you to think about this as you dive into this information about joining my team.

I don’t work with everyone that wants to join because I invest a great deal of time into coaching and training my team and I must be diligent with my time… heck, I don’t want to waste your time either.

But here’s an easy way to qualify yourself, ask yourself “Would I want to work with me?” if the answer is ‘YES Absolutely’ then I’d be thrilled and excited to meet you.

Here’s who I’m looking for:

  • Someone Coachable
  • Someone that has a Burning Desire to Create Success
  • Someone that is Dependable
  • Someone that is a Pleasure to Work With
  • Someone that has a ‘No-Excuses’ Mindset

Our team is one of the fastest growing in the company. We have years of network marketing experience but also understand marketing and how to build this business both online and offline. We’re extremely passionate and driven. We are taking everyone who wants to go to the top with us.

Very simply, we’re looking to work with people, who are ready to kick some BUTT in their OWN Home Business and Create the Life they’ve always DREAMED about!



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